The Public Works Department is coordinated by Public Works Supervisor Ken Howard. Mr. Howard has served in this capacity for the City of Winnemucca since May, 1999. Please go to our CONTACTS page if you would like to leave a comment or concern with Ken regarding any Public Works issue. The Public Works Supervisor, under administrative direction, supervises and directs the activities of employees in the sewer and water, street, cemetery, parks, golf course, and building maintenance.

Public Works Manual (updated January 2013)

City Street Snow Removal Policy

The City of Winnemucca developed a new policy regarding SNOW REMOVAL ON CITY STREETS that became effective during the winter season of 2008-2009 (updated by City Council on January 8, 2013). Please click HERE to review the approved written policy. You are welcome to submit any comments or concerns to the Public Works Supervisor or City Manager. A map of the City streets is provided below designating those prioritized streets for snow removal. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. To print out the newly required “Snow Clearing Assistance Application” please click HERE.