Municipal Golf Course

Main entrance to clubhouse at 1365 Mizpah Street

1365 Mizpah Street, Winnemucca, NV 89445
Phone (775) 623-9920
Nine (9) Hole Course

Golf Form 2023

3.12.010 Recreation Fees

All Play Governed by U.S.G.A. Rules

Out of Bounds – defined by white stakes or lines.

  • Left of #2, #7; right of #4, #6; Over #3, #6;
  • Over any boundary fence
  • Over #3 and #6 the curb is marked OB

Municipal Golf Course with fountainDriving Range:

The driving range poles define the Out-of-Bounds. The netting attached to the poles is not an obstruction as defined by rule 24-2b. Relief from the netting is not permitted, rule 24/4.

Artificially-Surfaced Roads or Cart Paths

Play as obstructions. Drop areas are available on #3 for above.

Ratings and Slope:

Men = Rating 68.9, Slope 111
Women = Rating 70.4, Slope 124

Municipal Golf Course

Regulations and Etiquette

  1. Slow players must stand aside and let faster players through.
  2. No dogs or other pets on course.
  3. Each player must have his or her own set of clubs and bag.
  4. Absolutely no sixsomes.
  5. Keep carts at least 30 feet from all tees and greens.
  6. No practicing on golf course or greens.
  7. Damage to course or property is the players responsibility.
  8. Rake traps.
  9. Replace divots.
  10. Repair ball marks on green.
  11. You must see the Pro to start on any hole other than No. 1.
  12. Players coming off of hole No. 9 must alternate with waiting players on hole No. 1 when no starter is on duty.
  13. No children under five (5) years of age are allowed on the course.

Municipal Golf CourseClick HERE to read the “Golf Course Policy Rules and Regulations”

Click HERE for all applicable fees at the Winnemucca Municipal Golf Course (WMC Title 3, Chapter 3.12)

Effective 01/01/2012 – update to Chapter 3.12 Ordinance #778

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