All City parks are open to the public and use of the parks for public and other events is encouraged.  Unless reserved, the use of all or any portion of any park is on a first come basis.

Users are encouraged to clean-up the areas used, properly dispose of any trash, and leave it in good condition for the enjoyment of others.

Thank you in advance for working together as a community to allow City parks to be used and enjoyed by everyone.

Please call City Hall (623-6338) or visit the City Clerk’s office at 90 West Fourth St. to speak with City staff in-person to receive the latest information about the conditions and guidelines for use of City parks for organized or planned events.

The City’s policy is that Parks, or portions thereof, may be reserved for the exclusive use of parties of 75 or more with a permit.  Permits are secured by completion and approval of a Facility Use Request Form accompanied by a signed Facility Rules and Responsibilities Acknowledgment, payment of all applicable fees and deposits, and a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the City as the Certificate Holder in the amounts specified on the Facility Use Request.   Forms can be downloaded here.  Please note:  Playgrounds, the Splash Pad (including the shade structure), and the fitness park cannot be reserved.

Vesco City Park on Mizpah St.

Restrooms, picnic area expanding over 65 acres

Vesco City Park
Vesco City Park ball fields

Little League playing field adjacent to Vesco City Park

Vesco City Park Tennis courts

Tennis Courts available at Vesco City Park

Vesco City Park playground


Vesco City Park playground


Skateboard Park

Skate-Board park located adjacent to Vesco City Park on Mizpah Street (across from Humboldt General Hospital)

Highland Park, 4220 Water Canyon Road
Restroom facilities, picnic area, and ball field

Highland Park
Highland Park Ball Field

Highland Park Ball Field

Corner of 100 Museum Lane and US Highway 95 North
Picnic area, playground equipment, and restroom facilities.

Pioneer Park Pioneer Park

Located at 3 North Bridge Street

Riverview Park Riverview Park