The CITY MANAGER is the administrative head of the City government. Appointed by the City Council for an indefinite term, this individual supervises the administrative affairs of the City and carries out policies set by the Council. Alicia Heiser was hired as Assistant City Engineer in September 2017 and was appointed as City Manager/Engineer effective January 2, 2018. Personnel issues, budgeting, grant funding and project administration play a major role in the City Manager’s daily schedule. Alicia welcomes your comments and concerns. For information on how to contact the City Manager, please do so by clicking on the CONTACTS link.

The following is the organizational chart for the City of Winnemucca. This will give you an understanding of the flow of responsibility within your City government.

The Following Levels of Service make up the Service Team in your City

  • Mayor and City Council (elected)
    • City Manager (appointed)
      • Administrative Division
        • City Clerk-Treasurer (appointed)
        • City Attorney (appointed)
      • Recreation Division
        • Recreation Director (appointed)
        • Golf Pro (contract)
      • Public Safety Division
        • Fire Chief & City Volunteer Fire Dept.
        • Building Inspector
        • Police Chief (appointed)
          • Captain
            • Lieutenant
              • Patrol Division
                • Sergeants
                  • Animal Control
                  • Drug Task Force
                  • Detective
                  • Police Officers
                  • Reserve Officers
                • Administrative Division
                  • Administrative Assistant
                  • Office Technician
                  • Evidence Technician/Records Specialist
      • Regional Planning Department
        • Humboldt County staff
      • Public Works Department
        • Public Works Director (City Manager)
          • Engineering (City Manager)
          • Public Works Supervisor (appointed)
            • Sewer/Water Department(s)
            • Cemetery
            • Parks
            • Golf Course
            • Street Department

Making our community a better place to live and visit.

Three major beautification and recreational projects have been completed around the community.  The City took advantage of available grant funding to assist with project costs.  Those completed enhancements to our community include:

Haskell Street Beautification Project

The scope of this beautification project extends the full length of the northwest side of Haskell Street (parallel to the railroad tracks) from the intersection of Hanson Street and Grass Valley Road (US Post Office) heading east intersecting with Winnemucca Blvd.  Decorative historical lighting, pedestrian walkways and landscaping are just a few of the enhancements that beautify this busy street.

Humboldt River Walk Recreational Project

This recreational walk with nature is located along both banks of the Humboldt River that cross under US Highway 95 North.  Landscaping and concrete walkways are provided to enhance your nature walk.

Gateway Beautification Project

As visitors enter the City limits from the freeway off-ramps, it is agreed that what they see with the eye adds a lot of weight to that “first impression” they register about our community.  The City of Winnemucca has beautified two gateway entrances to our City, one located on the west end of town on West Winnemucca Blvd. (near McDonald’s) and the other at the east end of town also on Winnemucca Blvd. (near the middle on-off ramp), City side of the freeway).  New landscaping includes rocks, trees and natural brushes indigenous to our area.