Listed below you will find the various types of business license forms that must be processed and approved before a business license can be issued with the City of Winnemucca.  Listed under the heading for each type of business form are the attachment forms which are necessary to complete the business license application.  Most of the forms are provided in Microsoft Word format and are ready to be printed from your computer.  Some of the forms require the Adobe Reader software application and are available in PDF format.  Please click on the Adobe Reader icon below to download the software to your computer.

Please take the following steps to make sure your business application process is smooth and complete:

  • Forms may be faxed or emailed to us.
  • A review of your business license application is necessary – in person at the city clerk’s office – in order to direct you to various departments and/or other agencies for any required inspection(s) and/or approval(s).
  • Business license fees vary due to the business category and/or annual gross income of your business.  The city license fee will be assessed by the city clerk’s office as determined through the applicable guidelines in the Winnemucca municipal code.
  • The Winnemucca municipal code (wmc) title 5 (business licensing) can be accessed by clicking here.
  • The city of Winnemucca accepts all major credit cards, cash, check or money order as payment towards your license.
  • Please call us at (775) 623-6338 should you have any questions about the forms.

Effective October 1, 2009

The 2009 State Legislature approved AB 146, giving the Secretary of State’s office the authority to issue the STATE BUSINESS LICENSE and collect the associated fees. ALL ENTITIES are required to obtain said license including, but not limited to, Corporations, LLCs, LPs, Sole Proprietors and Partnerships conducting business in the State of Nevada.

The City of Winnemucca cannot issue a City business license until we have verified or evidence has been presented that a State business license is active or has been issued through the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. To apply for a State of Nevada Business License, please click on the


INSTRUCTIONS: Click on any subline in BLUE to view and/or print applicable forms.

Standard Business License – Retail / Wholesale / Service/ Home-Based

Privilege Business License – Liquor / Gaming / Brothels

Blanket Business License

Special Events License


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