A little under a year in the making, the Aquatic Center Feasibility Study produced by GreenPlay, LLC & Aquatic Design Group was commissioned in March of 2020 and work on the project began in June of 2020 with a series of Focus Group and other open public meetings to determine the community’s desires and needs.  The resultant recommendation is that it would be uneconomical to renovate the Bode Howard Memorial Pool in the ways required to meet the standards set forth in the Americans With Disabilities Act, modern building codes, and also be big enough to meet the current “industry standards” for competitive swimming.  We invite you to review both the internal City-authored report that led to the Feasibility Study, as well as the Study itself.

The Final Report was presented at a Joint Meeting of the Humboldt County Board of Commissioners and the Winnemucca City Council this morning.  While the report was accepted as complete, a decision regarding the recommended course of action is being deferred pending further review by the Joint Committee overseeing the project.